Eye Care Tips In Summer

Eye Care

As you slather on sunscreen to defend your skin this summer, don’t forget sunglasses to protect your eyes. The same harmful rays that damage skin can also enlarge your risk of developing eye problems. SUMMER is a great time to plan a vacation and particular outdoor activities. Before you begin preparation how you and the family will spend the sunny days ahead, here is a few information that will help you safeguard your eyes and maintain healthy sight not just this summer but for a lifetime.

Eye Care Tips:- 

• Restful sleep for six to eight hours helps rejuvenate your eyes in a normal way.
• Wear dark glasses if you require being out in the sun.
• When selecting dark glasses, create sure they are 100 per cent UV protected.
• When sitting in an AC room, create sure the blast is not directed straight into your eyes this leads to drying and sensitivity of the eyes.
• You must also keep your body while protecting your eyes always use a sun block with at least SPF 15.
• Make sure that you wear sunglasses while driving also since the sun rays can penetrate even through the windows of the car. Wearing substandard sunglasses will make the pupils dilate, allowing extra harmful UV rays to enter the eye and cause damage.
• While driving motorcycle, forever wear protective eyeglasses. If you wear a helmet, decide one which allows you to see and also shields your eyes.
Last but not the least do not forget to supplement your diet through green vegetables, carrots, nuts, red and yellow fruits. These are natural basis of vitamin A and caretenoids, which are any day better then taking multivitamin pills.


  1. The raging heat of the sun is probably the main cause of eye irritation during the summertime, especially if we stay outside for hours. Irritated eyes can ruin our days and/or weeks of summer. Always bringing sunglasses is not difficult after all so we might as well have one with us all the time.

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