Benefits of Delicious Curd


Curd, also known as yogurt, can be described as a dairy product that is prepared from fermented milk. Curd or yogurt is the mainly valuable therapeutic foods. It has some health benefits associated with it. Various of its benefits are as follows:


• Curd is very helpful in the treatment of some gastro intestinal disorders, and also reduces dryness in the stomach. Curd has been connected with longevity. Taking sufficient curd in the daily diet can prevent premature old age and decay.


  • Consumption of curd provides relief to the individual suffering from dysentery
  • Having buttermilk prepared out of curd after the meals proves helpful for digestion of food.
  • Curd is precious in the treatment of insomnia. The patient must take plenty of curd and massage it on the head. This will persuade sleep.
  • Excessive liberation of ammonia, which is one of the main causes of coma in hepatitis, can be prevented by liberal use of curd.
  • In jaundice, curd or buttermilk sweetened through honey, makes an ideal diet.

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