For Better Health Intake Fruits before Lunch:

Fruits and veggies daily keep us healthy, but many of us fail to understand that fruits and are not meant to be eaten after the meal as it causes digestive problems. It is recommended that fruits should be eaten half an hour before the lunch.

The main reason behind this is, fruits contain sugar and thus they take time to break down. If we have fruits immediately before or after lunch it takes time to digest and it wastes the essential nutrients found in the fruits. Hence it is always recommended that fruits eaten before the meals supply having all type of nutrients that are in the fruit.


Many cultures have the policy of eating fruits soon after the lunch or we see in many functions that fruit salad are served after we are done with full of meals. This trend however can be changed. If you feel hungry then have the food but after intake of food then you can have fruits after 3 hours.

Having fruits before the foods also allows in losing weight as. Since our body does not get any foods during the eight to nine time of the sleep, it is recommended to include fruits and in your diets every morning before breakfast. Eating fruit is a gentle way of starting your day.

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